Somewhere around 2017, we [two young people Ingūna and Jānis, together with another almost a year old support person- Krišjānis] turned our everyday life around completely. We moved away from the city and crowds of people to a place where we could do and develop the things that mean the most to us.

We wanted to live closer to nature an do the things that are close to our hearts. It is important for us to have our work match our values because we believe that it will make this world a better place, our actions will be more sustainable and children will be happier.

Since 2017 our support has grown by two people-Miķelis and Jurģis.  And so we continue to work and develop as a full team. We describe ourselves as freethinkers who love to create new things and share our experience and skills. Creative work and informal education is our driving force which has slowly taken us to the country side. In one word all of this is „Pordare” –our lifestyle, our way of thinking, our work.

Pordare [in latgalian] means processing, transforming, recycling, but here this is us –a small family company that lives and works close to nature in the creative house “Leiceiši”.